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Carbon Dioxide

  /  Carbon Dioxide

Inert gas fire suppression systems are the environmentally friendly fire protection solution of choice for server rooms, data halls, control rooms, telephone exchanges, records stores and many other high value critical assets.

Carbon dioxide works quickly, with no residual clean-up associated with a system discharge which translates into minimal business interruption. The FIKE system consists of a one piece valve for increased reliability and simplified maintenance. CO2 provides a heavy blanket of gas that reduces the oxygen level to a point where combustion cannot occur.

  • Minimal business interruption
  • One piece valve construction
  • No clean-up required
  • Colourless, odorless & electrically non-conductive
  • Extinguish both surface and deep-seated fire hazards.

FSI supports all major brands including:

  • Fike
  • LPG
  • Tyco
  • Kidde.