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FireDos Proportioning System

  /  FireDos Proportioning System

Customised designed and manufactured water driven proportioner system. FireDos® is powered by the extinguishing water flow only; no external energy has to be supplied by an electro or diesel engine, for example.

FireDos® operates proportional to the volume flow, which means it is proportionate independent from varying flows or varying system pressures. FireDos® works independent from variations in pressure, length and sizes of pipes and nozzles. FireDos® covers with its available versions a wide range of flows and proportioning rates. FireDos® is suitable for all common fire-fighting liquids regardless of their viscosity and consistency. FireDos® is an almost maintenance-free system. It is easy to use and easy to install, also in case of retrofitting into an existing system or an existing vehicle. FireDos® can be fitted with highly corrosion-resistant and saltwater-resistant materials for off-shore use. FireDos® offers the possibility to change the additive storage container if it is empty without stopping operations of the unit.