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Fixed Services & Special Hazards

Fixed Services & Special Hazards

Novec 1230

Novec 1230™ fluid is an environmentally friendly Halon replacement for use as a gaseous fire suppression agent. Novec 1230™ is manufactured by 3M.

Inert Gas

Inert gas fire suppression systems are the environmentally friendly fire protection solution of choice for server rooms, data halls, control rooms. telephone exchanges, records stores and many other high value critical assets.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is an effective fire suppression agent applicable to a wide range of fire hazards. Carbon dioxide works quickly, with no residual clean-up associated with a system discharge which translates into minimal business interruption.

Water Mist

MicroMist is a Water Mist Fire Suppression System which produces a fine mist to extinguish fires quickly and with very little residual water. MicroMist is cost effective and easy to install. MicroMist provides a safe fire protection alternative for occupied spaces and high value assets.

Firedos Proportioning System

Customed designed and manufactured water driven proportioner system. FireDos® is powered by the extinguishing water flow only; no external energy has to be supplied by an electro or diesel engine, for example.

Linear Detection

Digital linear heat detection cable is a conventional style heat detector, capable of detecting a fire along the length of the cable.  This simple but effective system can be combined with smoke detectors to deliver multi-purpose systems.

Flame Detection

Flame Detectors operate in the harshest environmental conditions and offer a solution for virtually any application where there is a fire risk to personnel and high value plant and capital equipment.