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FSI Foamguard Vehicle Systems

The setup of the FSI system starts with customer consultation and a thorough risk assessment analysis. Each application is individually assessed to identify all fuel and ignition sources and then the FSI system is designed and installed to ensure optimum coverage of all risk areas.

Fluorine-Free (F3) Foam

FSI are proud to announce the release of our fluorine-free (F3) foam solution for use in our Pre-Engineered Foamguard vehicle suppression systems. Our Foamguard F3 foam solution is certified to AS5062-2006 and AS5062-2016 and meets all the legislative requirements..

Ansul ® LVS & Dual Agent Systems

ANSUL® is a global premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products. ANSUL special hazard fire protection products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of national and international independent testing laboratories and approval agencies.

Fixed Services & Special Hazards

Fire is an ever-present threat that can result in massive losses to capital equipment, production, and most importantly, human lives. Because of this, adequate fire protection is a critical necessity and should form part of any company’s risk management plan.

General Fire Appliances

FSI offers a complete range of fire detection and suppression products to suit any commercial or industrial application. From smoke detectors and fire indicator panels to foam systems on large scale mining equipment FSI can offer a solution for any fire risk.

Foam & Explosion Suppression

A complete range of foam equipment & systems, including bladder tanks, proportioning systems, floating roof tank systems etc, as well as a comprehensive range of fire-fighting foam and dry chemical powders.