Health & Safety

Safety in everything we do.

At Fire & Safety Industries we are focused on ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe’ with the health and safety of our employees being the top priority.

We believe that injury and disease in the workplace is preventable and unacceptable which is why we have a Zero Medical Treatment Injury goal.

Fire & Safety Industries has a strong safety culture which rewards leadership and initiative whilst maintaining commitment and accountability across all levels of our business.

Our safety culture is achieved through:

  • Setting clear leadership expectations and leading by example
  • Developing and involving our people in decision making processes
  • Effective consultation through the FSI Workplace Health and Safety Committee
  • Managing risk at all levels and implementing continuous improvement methodology
  • Learning from our experiences and investing in our people.

Golden Rules

  • I will ALWAYS stop work that is unsafe.
  • I will ALWAYS isolate ALL energy sources, apply my personal isolation lock, my personal danger tag and ‘test for dead’ before working on any plant or equipment.
  • I will always report to an onsite Supervisor and participate in pre-start or safety discussion before commencing work at any mine site.
  • I will never conduct work without a pre-job risk assessment appropriate to the level of risk involved for my task and will always follow FSI and Principal Contracts Policies and Procedures.
  • I will never position myself under a suspended load or between a suspended load and fixed objects.
  • I will always ensure I am appropriately licensed, trained, competent, and authorised before carrying out any work or operating any equipment.
  • I will never overtake surface mining equipment, or enter within their minimum approach distance, without positive radio communication.
  • I will never attend work fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • I will always ensure my vehicle, equipment and plant is maintained in a good condition and report all defects.

Safety Triangle

How can YOU help prevent accidents and incidents?

Complete your: Take 5’s, Hazard Reports, Safety Interactions and Workplace Inspections – these identify unsafe acts and conditions before they result in accidents and incidents.

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