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Fluorine Free (F3) Foam

Fluorine Free (F3) Foam

FSI uses a fluorine free (F3) foam solution for use in our Pre-Engineered Foamguard vehicle suppression systems. Our Foamguard F3 foam solution is certified to AS5062-2006 and AS5062-2016 and meets all the legislative requirements of the Environmental Management of Firefighting Foam Operational Policy released by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in July 2016.

FSI’s Foamguard vehicle systems underwent F3 foam performance testing with CSIRO in late 2016 to the new stringent fire test procedures in accordance with Australian Standards AS5062-2016. The Foamguard system extinguished all of the test fires within the mandatory specifications. All current operational FSI Foamguard AFFF Systems are easily converted to F3 Foam Systems, only the cylinder label and foam solution requires replacing.

On 7th July 2016 QLD Govt passed legislation banning the use of fire fighting foams containing PFOS and restricting those containing PFOA, to completely cease by July 2019.

FSI has developed a fluorine free foam that has passed all CSIRO testing, ensuring compliance with AS5062 – 2016 standards, listed with ACTIVFIRE. FSI can assist organization’s using affected AFFF foams to plan the removal and disposal of existing AFFF to ensure legislation compliance.

FSI’s previous AFFF system is easily and cost effectively converted to F3.