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Australian Standards

FSI’s Foam-Guard pre-engineered, fluorine free foam (F3) fire suppression system received formal approval and Activfire listing in May 2017 with full compliance to AS5062-2016.

Vehicle System Service & Maintenance

Following FSI Safety Management Plan, we provide quality service technicians holding the necessary qualifications to cover the full scope of works including installations, preventive and corrective maintenance, statutory inspections and testing.

Main Servicing & Monthly Testing

To ensure the fire suppression system operates as designed and when required, routine maintenance and inspections are critical. FSI also offers a broad range of products and services for your special hazard application needs. Includes: Complete Design & Engineering, Site Surveys, including assessment of existing fire protection systems, Enclosure Integrity Fan Testing, System Discharge Testing, Maintenance & Servicing & System Recharges.

Enclosure Integrity Testing

An Enclosure Integrity Test is a mandatory commissioning and maintenance function for any gaseous extinguishing system that complies with ISO 14520, NFPA 2001, EN 15004 & AS ISO 14520. Confirming whether the enclosure that is being protected will maintain the suppression agent for a minimum duration of 10 minutes is a critical part of the overall system performance.

Hydrant Flow Testing

Fire hydrants require periodic inspection and occasional maintenance in accordance with AS1851-2012.  This ensures they will work in an emergency situation allowing the fire brigade or rescue appliances to connect their hoses in the vicinity of the fire to access water easily and efficiently fight a fire.

Site & System Audits

FSI experienced technical staff can conduct site & system audits including Mobile Suppression Systems, Detection and Alarms, Gaseous Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Hydrant Pumps and Circuits, Emergency Lighting and other related areas as required all to the applicable Australian Standards and site specific requirements.