FSI Foam Guard Vehicle Systems

FSI Foam-Guard Vehicle Systems

The FSI Foam-Guard Fluorine Free Fire Suppression System is a state-of-the-art Australian innovation developed after significant consultation with industry, equipment and machinery manufacturers and contractors. FSI manufactures, installs, and services the Foam-Guard system which can be configured to suit applications across a wide range of industries including mining, forestry, construction, transport, marine and manufacturing.

In the event of fire being detected, the Foam-Guard system automatically discharges the Fluorine Free Foam through nozzles placed around the risk areas to extinguish the fire. When the Foam Guard System discharges, the FSI Fire Alarm Panel installed in the operator’s cabin will activate alerting the operator and any surrounding personnel enabling them to safely egress the machine. The FSI Shutdown Panel (where fitted) will automatically shut the engine down after a predetermined time to prevent fuel to continue being supplied to the engines.

Depending on the application the Foam-Guard System can also be designed to operate via manual actuation and other detection options including Thermal Probes, FLD wire or full electric detection and actuation.

The use of Fluorine Free Foam is the most effective way to extinguish fires with the application of foam smothering the fire, cutting the oxygen supply, and cooling the area to prevent reignition. Importantly, Fluorine Free Foam will also assist in extinguishing any ground fires that may have ignited under the machinery.

Unlike powder suppressant systems, Fluorine Free Foam does not cause a powder cloud when activated therefore reducing the risk of an operator’s vision being impaired whilst trying to safely evacuate from the machine. Fluorine Free Foam also allows for easy clean up and does not have the corrosive risk of powder suppressants.

Each system design is undertaken with customer consultation and thorough risk assessment and analysis to ensure optimum coverage of all risk areas and hazards such as fuel and ignition sources. All system installations are backed up with FSI 24-hour technical support along with full service and maintenance plans to ensure that systems are maintained in accordance with FSI procedures.

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