Fixed Fire Services

FSI utilise the latest fire protection maintenance software called Uptick to support our customer asset management to the requirements of AS1851-2012. Uptick ensures simplified tracking of critical asset information, report information, and defect logs.

QBCC Licence No 1041556

Fixed Services & Special Hazards

Fire is an ever-present threat that can result in massive losses to capital equipment, production, and most importantly, human lives. Because of this, adequate fire protection is a critical necessity and should form part of any company’s risk management plan.

Learn more about our Fixed Services and Special Hazards:

Fire and Safety Industries (FSI) is a leading global provider of quality fire detection and suppression solutions. FSI can offer a comprehensive range of products for the protection of fixed assets and special hazards. From initial consultation and risk assessment through the design, supply, installation commissioning, service and maintenance in line with the applicable recognized fire standards.

FSI’s expert Fixed Fire Services team design, install, and maintain solutions, including;

Safety in Design

Preventing and minimizing harm to people and property is the core focus in designing and installing fire services. FSI’s designers undertake detailed risk analysis at the concept stage of a project. Our designers collaborate with the sites ERT, plant operators, mining operations and facilities management to ensure safety in design, incorporating safe methods for preventative maintenance of fire systems.


Every system is designed, installed and maintained in accordance with Australian standards. FSI’s capability to offer an end-to-end service from design through to service provides compliance surety to mining operations.

FSI also assists its customers through providing and maintaining a variety of ancillary fire protection products for maximum risk control against the threat of fire, including

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