FSI Innovation: Revolutionising Fire Protection in Tight Spaces

In the ever-evolving landscape of fire protection, FSI continues to lead the charge in innovation, adapting to the diverse needs of industries we serve. Our commitment to close collaboration with customers ensures tailored solutions that leave no room for compromise.

Amidst the challenge of limited space on machinery, agility becomes paramount. FSI’s recent endeavour involved customising a bracket for a Kobelco excavator, the largest high-reaching excavator in the world. With precious real estate at a premium, the task demanded ingenuity to accommodate vital fire protection equipment within tight confines.

FSI’s engineering team crafted the Slimline Bracket, and through leveraging metal folds. By leveraging metal folds and gussets, we achieved a compact design without sacrificing strength, while allowing the team to install and remove with ease. The bands had to secure the cylinder firmly to prevent failures from blunt shock and fluctuating vibrational forces, meaning any metal folding needed to be exceptionally precise. Rigorous testing ensured optimal performance across various angles, meeting our stringent operational standards.

Every detail of the Slimline Bracket was meticulously tailored to minimise footprint while securely housing the cylinder. The result? Impressive feedback from customers, who benefit from streamlined installations with minimal disruptions.

At FSI, innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our driving force. By pushing boundaries and delivering bespoke solutions, each step further safeguards lives and assets.

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